WEG CWM18 - 18A/32A 7.5kW/15kW 3 Pole Contactor, 1NO+1NC Aux, 110V AC Coil

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Photo of WEG CWM18 - 18A/32A 7.5kW/15kW 3 Pole Contactor, 1NO+1NC Aux, 110V AC Coil

Order Code: 22511

Product Brand: WEG

Range: CWM Contactors

Part No: CWM18-11-30D13

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WEG Automation CWM Series Three Pole Contactor to 18A (AC3) or 32A (AC1) for a Power Circuit to be switched by a 110V AC Control Circuit.

- Motor DOL Starter (AC3): 18A for a 7.5kW motor x 400V.
- Inverter or DC Thyristor Drive supply (AC1 - Thermal): 32 for up to 15kW x 400V.

Size 1: 45mm Wide x 115mm Deep x 81mm High. IP20.
Front-mounting external Auxiliary Contact adds 29mm to depth when fitted.
Side-mounting external Auxiliary Contact adds 11.5mm to width when fitted.
Mounting: 35mm DIN rail or 4 x 4.5mm slots at rear on 35mm x 50-72.5mm centres.
Terminals: Screw type, M3.5 Flat / Philips. Max 6mm².
Weight: 0.36kg

Current Rating: 18A (AC3) or 32A (AC1)
Maximum Voltage: 690V 50/60Hz 1-3 Phase
Coil Voltage: 110V AC 50/60Hz x 69.5VA (pull-in), 4-7.2VA (sealing)
Main Contacts: 3 (NO)
Auxiliary Contacts, 1 x Normally Open (Integrated). 1 x Normally Closed (External, Front-mount). Provision for 5 x additional external auxiliary contacts, see linked products below.
Standards: IEC/EN 60 947. DIN VDE 0660. UL. CSA
Lifespan (Electrical): 1,200,000 operations.
Lifespan (Mechanical): 10,000,000 operations.

- AC1 Current Rating is for use with applications where open and closing operations are current free and the Current rating is not exceeded at any time.
- AC3 kW Rating is based on standard 2 pole or 4 pole motors.
- Coil connections can be made at either the top or bottom of the contactor to simplify replacement of existing contactors.

Manufacturer Part Number is CWM18-11-30D13 (10045532)

Download full dimensional drawings for the WEG CWM range from the link below:-


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