Parker SSD 590C 35A 4Q - 415V 3ph AC to DC Motor Speed Controller (220V Aux)

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Photo of Parker SSD 590C 35A 4Q - 415V 3ph AC to DC Motor Speed Controller (220V Aux)
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Order Code: 20533

Product Brand: Parker SSD

Range: DC590C

Part No: 590C/0350/6/3/0/1/0/00 (590C-0350-6-3-0-1-0-00-000)

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List Price: £2,794.00

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Parker SSD Drives 590C (Old Type) Series - 35A Four Quadrant DC Thyristor Drive for 415V Main Supply with 230V Control circuit.
Typical Motor output - up to 15kW (20HP) at 460V DC for fully regenerative DC motor speed and torque control.

Keypad and analogue Tachogenerator feedback board are included.
Simple to set-up in Digital, fully-isolated Four Quadrant form.
Size 1 - 250mm Wide x 180mm Deep x 415mm High.

Terminals include:-
5 x Analogue Inputs (4 x Configurable).
2 x Analogue Outputs (2 x Configurable).
Tacho input (or internal AVF) Feedback.
5 x Digital inputs (3 x Configurable).
3 x Digital Outputs (all Configurable).
+ & - 10V for Potentiometers.

Input Current - 28.7A for Armature + up to 10A for Field.
Input Voltage - 415V 3 phase +-10% at 50/60Hz.
Input fuse - 40A - to suit input bridge at 800A²s
Use a choke in the supply at 50uH minimum.

Rated at 40C Ambient.
Ventilation space above - 100mm.
Ventilation space below - 100mm.
Ventilation space at sides - 0mm.
Heat Loss at max output - 105W.
Panel mount with screw fixings on 400 x 200mm centres.

Full part number is 590C/0350/6/3/0/1/0/00. Exactly the same as Eurotherm Drives 590C-0350-6-3-0-1-0-00-000.

Use 590P-0035-500-0011-UK-AN-0-0-0 to replace this unit.
Requires external back-up high speed fuses.

Download the 590C technical product manual from the link below...


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