Vascat 200L - 120/120kW (160/160HP) x 1550/4000RPM AC Vector Motor - IP23 - B35

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Photo of Vascat 200L - 120/120kW (160/160HP) x 1550/4000RPM AC Vector Motor - IP23 - B35

Order Code: 19248

Product Brand: Vascat

Range: MAC-QI Force Ventilated IP23

Part No: MACQi200L-OV12000162

£9,814.00 + VAT

Delivery normally 7 weeks

New from Manufacturer with Warranty


Vascat - 0/120/120kW x 0/1550/4000RPM - AC Vector Motor, foot and flange mounting (B35) for 400V 3 phase supply to replace Bull Electric 200M DC Motor.
200L Frame, Force Ventilated (IC06) to IP23.
Includes force cooling fan and provision for Encoder.

Use with 690P Closed Loop AC Vector Drives having the encoder board option fitted for full closed loop vector control or similar.
Control range is 1000:1 speed turn-down with full torque at zero speed in continuous and part time operation.

Continuous Output is...
739Nm to 1550RPM, then reducing to 287Nm at 4000RPM
0/120/120/120kW x 0/1550/2490/4000RPM at 0/79/89/204Hz
265A Maximum x 400V, reduce overload current limit with speed from 2500RPM to 280A at 4000RPM.
(for operation above 2500RPM the drive must have reduced or speed dependent overload current limit to prevent slipping out of sync at high speed).

Rotor Inertia is 1.065kgm2
Ball bearing is included at the drive end for direct coupling.
Insulated bearing is included to prevent induced high frequency current circulating through the bearings.

Weight is 550kg
423mm Wide x 1019mm Long x 807mm high overall.
Shaft is 55mm diameter x 110mm from shoulder with 16mm wide keyway (matching the Bull 200L Motor).
Foot mount on 19mm holes at 318mm wide x 558mm 133mm back from the shaft shoulder (matching the Bull 200L fixings except along the length is 640mm).
Flange has 18mm diameter holes at 350mm pcd with 300mm diameter register.

Rated at 40C Ambient.
Force ventilation fan fitted at 1.5kW x 230/400V 3ph 50Hz (or 460V x 60Hz please specify).
Thermister over-temperature protection is included.

Part number is - MACQi-200L-B35/2186
For full rated output see separate item linked below.

Download the standard MAC Qi 200L Dimension drawing from the link below...


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