Marelli - 0.12kW (0.16HP) 6 Pole 3ph 230V/400V B14 Face Mounting AC Motor - MAA63MB6

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Photo of Marelli - 0.12kW (0.16HP) 6 Pole 3ph 230V/400V B14 Face Mounting AC Motor - MAA63MB6

Order Code: 22436

Product Brand: Marelli

Range: MAA Three Phase Aluminimum

Part No: MAA63MB6 B14

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Marelli - 0.12kW (0.16HP) 3ph 6 Pole Face Mounting 63 Frame AC Motor for 230V and 400V x 50Hz 3 phase supply.  Use with Variable Frequency Inverter Drives having 1ph or 3ph input and 3ph output, or a fixed frequency mains supply at 50Hz.

Fixed Main Supply Output:  0.12kW (0.16HP) x 850RPM at 230V or 400V x 50Hz 3ph.
Inverter Supply Output:  15:1 Speed Control range from 85RPM to 1275RPM, with suitable de-rating at the lower speeds.

Full Load Current - 1.07A at 230V, or 0.62A at 400V.
Power Factor is 0.62 when mains connected at 50Hz.
Efficiency is 45% at full load.
Set terminal box links 'three a-breast' for 230V 'Delta' connection.
Set terminal box links 'two at one side' for 400V 'Star' connection.

120mm/122mm Wide x 215mm Long x 173mm high overall in its IP55 enclosure.
Face mount on M5 tapped holes at 75mm PCD with 60mm diameter register in the 90mm diameter flange.
Shaft is 11mm dia x 23mm with 4mm wide key.
Shaft side load is 47kg for 20,000hrs life (6201-2Z bearing)
Terminal box for 1 x M16 Gland and terminals for M4 rings.
Weight is 4.8kg.

Rated at 40C Ambient.
Ventilation space required at rear cooling air intake.

Part number is - MAA63MB6 B14 (MAA 63 MB6 B14)

For Variable Speed use:-
Part Time Output when Inverter powered is...
0.67Nm - 0.12kW (0.16HP) x 1700RPM at 100Hz
1.35Nm - 0.12kW (0.16HP) x 850RPM at 50Hz
1.35Nm - 0.06kW (0.08HP) x 425RPM at 25Hz
1.35Nm - 0.012kW (0.016HP) x 85RPM at 5Hz

Continuous Output when Inverter powered is...
0.9Nm - 0.12kW (0.16HP) x 1275RPM at 75Hz
1.35Nm - 0.12kW (0.16HP) x 850RPM at 50Hz
1.02Nm - 0.046kW (0.61HP) x 425RPM at 25Hz
0.44Nm - 0.004kW (0.005HP) x 85RPM at 5Hz

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